Nollywood actors go to war over Moji Olaiya

Who knew the death of actress Moji Olaiya would cause so much drama among her colleagues?

Even after Asiwaju Bola Tinubu came to her aid, members of the burial committee are still throwing shots at each other

Why can’t they just allow Moji rest in peace?

The death and planned burial of popular Nollywood actress Moji Olaiya is causing furor amongst her colleague sin the industry. had earlier reported that former Lagos state Governor and APC chieftain Bola Tinubu had donated an undisclosed amount of money to aid in flying her remains down to Nigeria after Governor Fayose of Ekiti had allegedly denied knowing her.

However, Mr Fayose has come out to clarify the rumor surrounding his denial of the actress. Interestingly, her colleagues in the industry have taken to social media to air their thoughts on her burial plans.

Yomi Fabiyi who is the publicity secretary of her burial committee stated that about 102 actors make up the committee and each was asked to pay N100, 000 but as at yesterday May 23rd, only 5 people have paid.

Nollywood actors go to war over Moji Olaiya

Yomi Fash Lanso said the committee has an entitlement attitude.

Nollywood actors go to war over Moji Olaiya

“Late Moji Olaiya (May God rest your soul)

That the Jagaban came to the rescue of the family is not news. That is trademark Jagaban. Long before he became governor, his large heart is a known fact, and for good causes. So here, he has done nothing outside of his person. In same regard, it is wrong to label the governor of Ekiti state for not doing. His aide said no official request came in, so on what basis is he being pilloried? Meanwhile, what is condemnable here is the entitlement attitude of the committee and perhaps of very many sympathisers which is not only regrettable but unfortunate.

Moji’s memory does not deserve this. What should be the norm? What should be the attitude of Nollywood to the rot in our system that has ensured several members and as a matter of fact, several Nigerians die daily for ailments that are manageable and for deaths that are preventable? Anyone using the occasion of the largesse of the Jagaban to create an unnecessary divisive and patronising narrative needs his or her head examined for not only being mischievous but outrightly missing the point. If Nollywood is not aware, it should be told that their members are entitled to nothing extra beyond what every other Nigerians are entitled to, and really they have not served the memory of Moji well.

If they would serve her memory well, is it not time to realise that Moji or any other Nigerian has no business going to Canada or elsewhere to deliver if similar faith exist in our own healthcare system? That unlike the Minister of Health said, no one will go abroad for treatment if the same treatment exist here in Nigeria. And rather than running to governors and political leaders for bailouts, the industry should rather use its vantage position to demand that things be put into shape in the country and be ashamed of their Almajari’s style of operation.

That is what Moji would be happy and proud at, and that is the only way to be responsible. Other equally important members of their association have gone without this attention, without the needed help, and they should not wait for the next victim before acting. Importantly, the Jagaban should be concerned that he is funding a corpse home.

” Funke Adesiyan came out with all guns blazing accusing her colleagues of living fake lives and this is the reason why they cannot afford to pay the money required of them.

Nollywood actors go to war over Moji Olaiya

“Life is funny. People are really not worth the trouble. The essence of being part of an association, group et al is so you can be there for one another in matters related to you all.

Its really a shame that many artistes came on social media, flooded Moji Olaiya’s house shedding tears and when it boils down to extending a helping hand, many chickened out. Artistes were billed 100k each to bring Moji’s body down. If 50 of us contributes 100k, we have 5million which is about $15k (medical rate) Many didn’t contribute a penny. All they know how to do is flaunt wealth that they dont have on social media.

The house you live in is being paid for by others, the car you drive na dash, the supposed business you own, you are not making a dime from. My sister/brother, quit living large and forming rich on other people largesse. Forming oga madam on top nothing! You only have right to flaunt your own sweat. If not, siddon Jeje and make less noise please! We don’t need to turn to beggers to help one another. We all could be one another’s helper. If you are Moji’s friend/colleague and you didn’t contribute a dime towards helping to move her down, you should take her picture down!

Thank you to the very few artistes, socialites, friends who contributed to save the day. May God bless you all.” naij

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