Opinion: The Amazing love of God – BY REUBEN RINE


What seems foolish to the natural is in itself divine mystery. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13). For we don’t deserve the love of God, and in fact, we couldn’t have even earned it. But He freely bestows His love upon us, and He freely made us His sons and daughters.

God’s love is wholesome. It is perfect and unrelenting. His love leaves none behind! His love always prefers to leave the 99 in search of the one and only lost soul. This is crazy; and total absurdity to every right-thinking man.

It doesn’t make sense for me to leave my 99 sheep in search of the only lost one. I will prefer to lose the one lost sheep than the 99 still safe in my custody. What if in search of the lone lost sheep the 99 scatter and flee away? What if………..?

But that’s what characterized the God’s kind of love. It’s a risky, total, unrelenting, pursuing, and amazing love. No human mind can have a full glimpse of the realities of such love. No man can really comprehend this kind of love. Indeed, God’s love is RECKLESS!

This amazing love of God defies all known and unknown odds to save and redeem. This kind of love will rather be humiliated in order to rescue. Like David earnestly contended with the Bears and Lions to rescue any sheep captured or at the verged of been killed, so the love of God defies all pains and risks to save us. Indeed, God’s love is RISKFUL. No matter how stained and entangled you are in sin, God’s love still wills to cleanse and wash you.

God’s love was fully dispensed to us while we were yet lost, dirtied and muddled up in our sins, with no intention whatsoever to return to God. Indeed, God’s love is PATIENT. Patiently appealing to our conscience and pleading with our souls. Always giving us reasons to come to the cross for exchange of our sins with His righteousness. For exchange of our death with His life.

For exchange of our weakness with His strength. For exchange of our infirmities with His healings. For exchange of our poverty with His bountiful riches. For exchange of our unworthiness with His worth. Indeed, God’s love has paid the price of our redemption. In full has He paid!

His love comes with goodness; His love comes with mercies. His love comes with grace. His love gives hope, virtues, and light. His love illuminates the darkest of the dark. His love pulls down the tallest of all mountains. His love crosses the widest of all oceans. Indeed, God’s love is BOUNDLESS.

His love is kind and patient. His love is gentle and humble. His love accommodates and never dispels. His love suffers long. His love is selfless and never seeks His own.

It is God’s love that keeps a man from sin. Any man that understands His love doesn’t live in sin. For he that sins willfully has chosen to alienate himself from God’s love. God’s love engraces us into holy living. For without holiness no eye shall see God.

Anything less of holiness is outside the horizons and space of His love. Though He be grieved with any kind of sin, His love still goes after the sinner, calling him to repentance. Indeed, God’s love is HOPEFUL.

God’s love sees you as a priest and not a servant to sin. God’s love sees you as a minister of righteousness and not as an agent of wickedness. His love sees u as a vessel of light and not an envoy of darkness. Indeed, God’s love is PURE.

For we are now debtors not to sin but to righteousness; through the work of the cross. HALLELUJAH! He freely loaned out His life to us all without expecting any payment in return. While we were yet lost in darkness, God’s love tore down the curtain to grant us full access into His glorious throne, full of lights. Should we be willing, He cries always, saying to us, Come.….

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). His love brings rest; rest to our souls. God’s love is RESTFUL! His love flows in our breath, His love flows in our blood, and through our whole being. His love energizes our bones and quickens us to live.

Why do you still reject this love, poured out for you? Why do you live as though no one loves you? Why do you turn your eyes as though you’ve not been bought? Your price was paid in full. Not with silver nor gold that perishes but with the lifeblood of the Lamb.

As the prodigal son remembered home and eventually returned to the loving and waiting arm of his father in spite of his recklessness and waywardness, so the Lord awaits your soon return.

Why not return today? Why tarry longer? Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you long frustrated with the unsatisfying sinful lust of this decaying and fading world? It’s time to embrace His amazing love. It is free, and it keeps flowing from Calvary’s tree.

His love celebrates and rejoices with anyone and single repentant soul than the 99 who needed no repentance.

Indeed, God’s love is AMAZING.


Reuben Rine

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