Phyno denies stealing controversial ‘I’m a fan’ song

Phyno as much as possible exonerated himself from the allegations leveled against him by the “dumb blog”.

Phyno has opened up on the controversy surrounding the song ‘I’m a fan’ off his Playmaker sophomore album.

Speaking with the Beat99fm Lagos, he was asked firstly why he didn’t promote the song by shooting a video for it. The rapper replied by saying the song is not a priority and is not rally along the lines of his core music genre which is HipHop and Highlife.

“It has to be like a priority, that’s one of the least songs I  even look at shooting, then again it does not fall into the genre I promote, I do Hip Hop and Highlife.”

Phyno speaks on 'I am a fan' song controversy

On why the song then was even in the album,the rapper says “I was making a complete album it’s a complete package and it wasn’t a video album.”


He spoke further on the song controversy that suggested he violated copyright laws, saying he got the right approval for the song and didn’t break any rules.

Everything that went down on the song went down correctly, approved, no rules at all were broken.”

The ‘Obago’ rapper went ahead to call out “some dumb blog” saying they published false reports about him on the issue, denying knowing names being mentioned in the publication  which he was being associated with.

Everything they wrote on their blog are all false, nothing like that ever happened, names that were mentioned, I have never heard of them before, I wonder where they got their story from, so why feed people false stories because you want your blog to pop or something.”

I don’t buy songs, I write my own songs” the singer proudly said. “So why make me look like a mediocre artist,” he added.

Phyno 'So Far So Good'

Phyno also spoke about his new single, releasing more videos , working with Olamide on another joint project.

This year I have recorded about 9 songs with Olamide or more, so we can decide to drop a project anytime but you know our timing is always different, Olamide is extremely  busy.

Speaking of their “2 Kings project” Phyno says this time there would be an improvement on it in their next joint project in terms of shooting videos.

The 2 Kings album was a great project but we didn’t promote it, we didn’t shoot videos, but now it won’t be like that”.

He was also asked about the possibility of a joint project with Flavour to which he replied that Flavour is currently working on his solo project but yes they do have great chemistry and he is game any time Flavour is. pulse

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