Reason why Bo Dallas wears a black glove on one hand

Bo Dallas has been Bo-Lieving since day one but to no avail!

From being one of the most dominant NXT Champions in the developmental’s history to being a comedic jobber on the main roster; the grind of pro wrestling hasn’t been too kind on the ever-so optimistic one. Fortunately for the former NXT alumni, his association with Miz and the formation of the Miztourage has breathed new life into his dwindling WWE career.

Dallas has seen a complete revamp ever since joining forces with Miz. He acts like a henchman and certainly looks like one after his complete change of appearance.

While the bandana is slowly becoming his identity, the fans have noticed another distinct feature in his new gear, and that is the black glove he wears in his right hand.

What perplexes the fans are that he doesn’t wear a pair. So does that mean Dallas can’t afford another glove? He surely can and the reason why he sports the glove only on his right hand has finally been revealed by folks at TvTrax.

Dallas wears the glove in memory of his legendary maternal grandfather and WWE Hall of Famer Black Jack Mulligan, who himself was known for wearing it back in the day.

Mulligan passed away in April 2016 and ever since then, both Dallas and his brother Bray Wyatt have been wearing the glove in tribute to their late great grandfather.

Here’s a photo Mulligan to refresh your memory:


Bo Dallas has tons of talent, and we can safely say it exceeds what his brother Bray Wyatt possesses. Despite the contrasting fortunes, we’re sure his current run with the Miz will lead to a sustained mid-card push somewhere down the line.

But for it’s worth, the Windham brothers have already outshined their illustrious grandfather strictly in terms of their WWE accomplishments and we’re sure it’s just the beginning of much more to come. At 27 years old, Dallas has a lot of time left to make his grand dad proud.

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