Saudi Arabian celebrity arrested for dabbing at live concert

A Saudi Arabian musician and actor identified as Abdallah Al Shahani has been arrested by the Saudi police after he was seen dabbing on stage during a live concert.

The young musician who is also a TV personality was taken to police custody in the city of Ta’iff.

According to Oak News, the musician apologised to the Saudi government on social media after he was released from custody.

A video of Abdallah dabbing at the concert immediately went viral on social media.

In the video, the singer dropped his mic as he called on fans at the concert to clap along with the song while he pulled off series of dabs.

Abdallah apologised to the Saudi government, asking for forgiveness for his spontaneous behavior at the concert.

Dabbing is a dance move in which the dancer or stepper drops their head into their arm. It looks similar to the position you make when you sneeze.

The Saudi government believe that the dab dance is used by hip hop celebrities who send a bad message to people around the world. naij

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