Selena Gomez plays coy when addressing pal Taylor Swift’s new romance

Selena Gomez played coy when asked about her friend Taylor Swift’s new romance with Joe Alwyn in a radio interview on Monday (05Jun17).

The 24-year-old singer has long been friends with the Shake It Off star, who recently started dating British actor Joe. Taylor has been uncharacteristically private with this relationship, so when Selena was questioned about her friend’s latest flame during an interview on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up, she refused to go into too much detail.

“Both of you have some new things going on in your lives. You have some new people in your lives. Have you gotten a chance to hang out together with your new people?” the presenter asked.

And Selena, who is still in the honeymoon period with her boyfriend The Weeknd, giggled as she responded: “I hang out with my new person a lot. Honestly, if my friends are happy, that makes me happy. That’s all I care about… So, I’m super stoked, too. It’s been a good time.”

Selena returned to the music scene in February, after a hiatus when she checked into rehab to focus on her mental health. Her first offering upon her return was It Ain’t Me, a collaboration with Kygo, which was followed by her tune Bad Liar in May. But when it comes to her upcoming album, Selena admitted the material is drastically different from her most recent releases.

“All of the new music that’s coming is very different from the Kygo record to Bad Liar,” she said. “The next one is completely different from Bad Liar. It’s an evolution and I know it’s different and I just wanted it to sound like something I’ve never done before.”

As well as her musical success, Selena has made a move into Hollywood by executive producing Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The programme, which focused on teenager Hannah Baker’s suicide after being bullied at school, has been accused of glamourising suicide by some. However, Selena defended the show, insisting: “This is happening every day, so whether or not you wanted to see it, that’s what’s happening.”

“I think that stuff is uncomfortable for people to talk about, but it is happening and hopefully it opened the door for people to actually accept what’s happening and actually go and change it, talk about it,” she added during a chat with Elvis Duran’s The Morning

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