Standing ovation for Okoroji as COSON House commissions amid glitz



There was heavy traffic jam on Oluwaleimu Street in the Allen Avenue area of Lagos on Saturday, May 20 as stars gathered from all over the country for the official commissioning of the sparkling new COSON House, the first real property owned by any organization, association, union or group in the Nigerian creative industry. Despite the heavy deployment of security men and traffic control officials, the neighbourhood buzzed with people streaming from every direction wishing to partake in the history making event.

The roll call of dignitaries at the event included the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Moses Ekpo who was the first Director-General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission. Also present was Professor Egerton Uvieghara, former Chairman of the Nigerian Copyright Commission. Among the array of stars at the commissioning were music icons like Prof Victor Uwaifo, Sir Shina Peters, Chris Ajilo, Baba Dee Fasasi, Azeezat, Kenny Saint Brown, Prince Ann Inyang etc. There were music industry gurus like Obi Asika of Cabal Entertainment, Dr Ben Ofoeze of Billtop, Mr Joel Ajayi of MULOAN, Hon John Ewelukwa Udegbunam, immediate past president of MORAN and Engineer Sharon Esco Wilson of MUPMAN.

Prominent amongst the entertainment and media figures present were Ken Calebs Olumese, Guvnor of Niteshift Coliseum; Ayo Animashaun who owns the wave making HipTV; Azu Arinze, Publisher of Yes International Magazine; Lawrence Wilbert of Agilent Wireless; Steve Judo of Channels Television; Nnamdi Agwunobi, CEO Greenbee Communications; Chidi Uloka representing the Director-General of NTA, etc. There was also a top representative of the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

Practically every major media organization in the country: NTA, Channels TV, TVC, Galaxy TV, LTV, HIP TV, AIT, ITV, FRCN, BISCON, etc, sent a powerful crew to cover the epoch making event as paparazzi fought paparazzi for vantage positions and flash bulbs exploded in every direction. Not to be outdone at the big event were politicians like Senator Annie Okonkwo and Ministers of the Gospel like Pastor Anselem Madubuko who also sent top representatives.

The commissioning itself was a top-class event with every detail planned by Chief Tony Okoroji, Nigeria’s grand master of exquisite events. There was an elaborate cocktail on the expansive red carpet led out in front of COSON House with enchanting lights radiating from the bowels of the earth as paparazzi went crazy.

Sir Shina Peters raised the flag of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at COSON House while Sir Victor Uwaifo raised the flag of COSON. Prof Egerton Uvieghara unveiled the sign that welcomes you to COSON House while the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Moses Ekpo cut the tape to commission the building amidst roaring applause, amazing fireworks and countless balloons released to the skies.

After the inspection of the state of the art facilities in the building, the guests congregated at the COSON House Arena on the top floor of the building where they were treated to an unforgettable show in an environment that sparkles with every imaginable audio visual technology presently known to man. Meanwhile, on the ground floor, a band kept those who could not be accommodated at the COSON House Arena grooving all day.

Speaker after speaker at the commissioning poured encomium on the visionary leadership of Chief Tony Okoroji whose indomitable spirit made the COSON House dream a reality. Chief Okoroji on his part thanked his Board, the management of COSON and the team of skilled Nigerian professionals who worked tirelessly to build COSON House in record time without any money from the government, any support from any donor agency or any loan from any bank.

An after party was held after the commissioning at the Arena for the carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, painters, welders, P.O.P. men and all the skilled artisans who made the COSON House dream a reality. They were joined by the staff of COSON to dance away the night with music oozing out of the walls and the roof of the COSON House Arena and strobe lights speaking a language only known to them.

What a day!



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