Strange! Man impregnates 11-year-old girl, says she probably raped him while he slept

A man accused of raping and getting an 11-year-old girl pregnant claims she may have sexually assaulted him by having sex with him when he was asleep.

Justin Armstrong is accused of abusing the girl for 18 months before she eventually confided in one of her mother’s friends.

The 38-year-old man was arrested Friday, two weeks after tests showed the youngster was four months pregnant.

Prosecutors at Springfield District Court said Armstrong repeatedly told the victim he would be arrested if she told anyone, but she finally broke down and told of the alleged abuse.

The pregnancy was aborted five days later and a DNA examination was carried out on the foetal tissue, but testing has not been completed.

Defense lawyer, Anna-Marie Puryear, said the case hinges on the outcome of the DNA test results.

When the defendant was told the youngster was pregnant, he claimed she may have ‘raped’ him while he slept, Assistant District Attorney Jill O’Connor said.

Armstrong, of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, denied having sex with the girl and told police she claimed a younger relative had been sexually abusing her for years, according to the Republican newspaper.

The defedndant has voluntarily submitted a DNA sample and is cooperating with police, his lawyer, Anna-Marie Puryear, told the court.

Judge Robert Murphy set bail at $50,000.

Armstrong is due to appear in court again on August 24.Punch

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