Location nuisance: Actor Stephen Alajemba accused of disturbing movie set with his girlfriend

Actor Stephen Alajemba has been accused of gross misconduct 

 He was said to have brought his girlfriend to a movie set 

 Film producer and actress Shirley Ann is the one making the accusations 



Actress and producer Shirley Ann recently had what could be described as a torrid experience on the set of her recent movie all because of an actor and his girlfriend. 

Shirley had enlisted the services of veteran actor Stephen Alajemba to act the lead role in her said movie and while he was paid for the role, he and his girlfriend (who wasn’t part of the cast) made life hell for the welfare handlers. 

A source who was also present on the movie set revealed that

“The lady was just doing things the way she liked, and the producer even begged her to leave her set as she wasn’t part of her crew. The girl almost attacked the producer, but security agents came to the rescue. She kept moving into rooms booked for actors while they were on set, claiming she is always beside the actor and being protective in case someone wants to poison him.” 

Shirley also said: “This woman controls Stephen Alajemba to an extent you know it’s not ordinary. Stephen acts by her command. Eats by her command.” 

She said she was so frustrated by this girlfriend and Stephen’s behaviour that she incurred debts she never bargained for, thus making her file a petition against Stephen in court. She then called on Stephen Alajemba’s children to call him to order. 

Mr Alajemba hasn’t responded to this allegation. naij

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