Wahala! Flirting with women is my husband’s hobby – divorce seeking woman

Mararaba Upper Area Court in Nasarawa, on Tuesday, dissolved the five-year marriage between Peace Johnson and her husband, Praise for infidelity and constant battery.

The judge, Ibrahim Shakarau, dissolved the marriage as all efforts to reconcile the parties failed.

He said that the union between the two parties had been put to an end in the interest of peace.

Shekarau also urged the parties to maintain peace at all time, adding that any violation of the order of the court would amount to contempt and with grave consequences.

He directed the parties to collect their divorce certificate from the registrar’s office.

The court ordered that the custody of the only child of the marriage remained with the petitioner.

The parties were married in 2012, according to native laws and customs of Oku-Iboku in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa-Ibom.
The complainant told the court that the marriage contracted five years ago was blessed with one child.

She also informed the court that her husband was a bully and did not take care of the family.

“My husband has failed in his matrimonial obligations as a husband and father, his adulterous life has jeopardised my love for him.

“At every slight provocation, he beats me with whatever he lays his hands on, even in the presence of our three-year-old child.

“Most times it takes the intervention of neighbours to save the situation.

“He could not provide me and our child with basic needs; rather I have been the one providing for the home financially.

“Ever since we got married, flirting around with different women has been his major hobby.

“The worst aspect of it was when I was pregnant in 2013; the respondent abandoned me and started cohabiting with another lady by name, Christy.

“Till this moment as I am speaking, the respondent has abandoned me and the only child of the marriage,” she testified.

Peace said she could no longer continue with the marriage.

Since the case was mentioned in Dec. 2016, the respondent has not for once appeared in court in spite several and verbal summons.(NAN)

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