Wahala! Man flees naked into bar to escape lover’s irate husband

26-year-old man, Annanias Mamberu, ran into a drinking joint naked as he allegedly fled the scene of an indiscriminate sex romp.

News had it that Mamberu was caught while making love to a 28-year-old married woman in Hwiru suburb of Zimbabwe.

It was learnt that the woman who he was allegedly making love to, one Rosemary Mushayi, also ran away naked in a different direction when her husband arrived from his trip unexpectedly and caught the two in the act.

A bar man, who identified himself as Gulamm Mukumba, said, “The man ran naked into the bar with only a pair of socks.

“Revelers at the bar wanted to beat him up after the woman’s husband, Mudzinganyama, arrived in hot pursuit and narrated the incident to the crowd.”

He added that he had to lock Mamberu in a store to protect him from assault.

Masvingo Mirror reports that all efforts to get a comment from Mamberu or Mudzinganyama were fruitless. The woman, Mushayi, was also not available for comment.

“On arrival of the police, I released and handed him over to them and some well-wishers provided him with clothes before he was taken to the police station,” the bar tenders said.

Mudzinganyama and Mushayi were released by police and lover man Mamberu was detained and charged under Section 41 of the Criminal Law and Codification Act (Conduct likely to cause breach of peace).

He was later fined $20 and released.Punch

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