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Having worked in five major companies before establishing one of the largest video-on-demand online platform, Blessed Ilukor Idornigie, CEO, iBAKATV in this interview, talks about his foray, plans and expectations for Ibakatv.


What informed iBAKATV?

The hunger to come up with something more innovative and competitive has always being my drive after venturing into so many online businesses, from e-gold to multilevel marketing. At 27, I have worked in five different companies before I discovered that the Nollywood industry needs more competitive and more innovative ideas in online movies streaming and distribution, content immortalization and security.

I decided to make more research about the industry and found out that Nollywood content is highly demanded within and in the diaspora. That began the journey of iBAKATV.

The aim for me was to create a platform that will become the viewer’s choice destination in African Internet entertainment. That was the idea behind launching of ibakatv-a new distribution platform for Nollywood to give viewers a plethora of exciting choices in accessing the much-desired Nollywood movies, now IBAKATV is one high rising Internet company to watch out for!


How was the beginning like?

I started in my room with a laptop and with support from family members and friends. The company was birthed in 2011. I later brought in partners that injected some funds into the business.

September 2012 marked the turning point for iBAKATV, after it acquired YouTube Premium Partnership and with four major channels, iBAKATV|NOLLYWOOD, iBAKATV|YORUBA, AFRICAMAGICCLIP and IBAKATV with a monthly hit of about 6m to 20m at Estimated Watch Time of about 80M to 200M as at today. This success on YouTube was one of the motivating factors that inspired the company to create its own official online movie-streaming platform calledIBAKATV.COM.


What is unique about ibakatv

Ibakatv is unique because of our passion in ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our services. Like our slogan goes our ‘customer satisfaction is our passion’ and this is what drives us to get the best of Nollywood content on our platforms at any cost.


Are you not afraid of competition?

Not at all, rather it makes us as a company to always checkmate and improve on the quality of the services we provide to our clients. Competition or criticism only makes us to be on our toes, to ensure that we render to our clients quality and effective service.


What are the challenges in your line of business?

Because the internet or online movie streaming business is relatively new in Nigeria and Africa at large, this makes our kind of business a bit challenging, because we don’t get the right attention we need in terms of financing, and government policies. This is the major challenge we face in this line of business.


What do you hope to achieve with ibakatv?

What I hope to achieve with ibakatv is to have a platform that will become the number one viewer’s choice destination in African Internet entertainment that willgive our viewers a plethora of exciting choices in accessing the much-desired Nollywood movies.


What kind of programs are on ibakatv

iBAKAtv is the world’s largest online catalogue of PREMIUM Nollywood movies, with over 15,000 hours of incredible movie and TV content streamed on-demand. We are number one in delivering video-on-demand (VOD) in Africa and deliver the easiest, safest and most affordable means of watching the very best of Nollywood content. We provide an SVOD service where, for as little as $7/month, subscribers can access our vast catalogue, wherever they are in the world, at home or on the go, via an internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile. Our primary focus is to make our content as easily accessible as possible; to create the shortest distance between people and what they watch. We couldn’t do this without a sophisticated and unswerving  technology powering everything we do, from streaming in different bandwidths, to providing downloads in Africa, to providing 24/7 excellent customer service and managing buffering issues, which is why we are recognized as being one of the continent’s leading technology companies.


MCN (Multichannel Channel Network)

We are YouTube’s biggest premium partner in Sahara Africa, and we have built a global audience of over 500 million video views, 5 billion estimated watch time and over 1 million unique subscribers from over 220 different countries which includes, United State, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Spain, Australia and many others, we generate more than 1million hit daily.

We work with content creators specifically targeting African viewers on YouTube, including Nollywood movie producers, African artists, African comedians and other video content creators across the globe. We allow African content providers to monetize their work by entering into a YouTube partnership with iBAKA, a trusted partner that truly understands the African terrain. We work closely with our partners to increase reach by systematically promoting their content and growing their audience base. Our years of experience and dedication allow us to execute faster and more effectively than other providers.


Are you also on mobile App? 

Our Reach is felt across various mobile devices.

In a bid to make Nollywood entertainment easily accessible to all classes of our audience, we introduced the iBAKATV mobile app. This guarantees our audience satisfaction and makes viewing and access to Nollywood, Ghallywood and other African entertainment on the go.


Tell us more about yourself?

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, the son of Pa. Anthony Idornige. I am from a family of seven, a graduate of Computer Science and with technological and technical proficiency in Electrical/Electronics (NPA), and with Professional certificates in Advanced Diploma in Information Technology and Electrical/Electronic (City & Guilds of London), Higher Diploma in Network Engineering (NIIT) and Microsoft Certified Software and Hardware Engineer etc. I have worked in five major companies before resigning to start up ibakatv.



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