Wicked act! Man arrested for selling wife, child to ritualists for N270,000

Man accused of selling his wife and child for N270,000 has been arrested by the police.

A video footage of the arrest was captured and posted online by an eyewitness, Adaslimshow on Instagram. His disturbed mother-in-law and brother-in-law were present at the scene of the arrest.

The unnamed accused man was bundled onto a white pickup van with his hands tied.,

His mother-in-law could be heard saying that the accused has not revealed where to find the people he sold.

Adaslimshow who posted the video wrote : “Behold this boy just sold his wife and daughter for N270k to “ritualists” no doubt “Body organs buyers”. Beside him is the old mother of the wife; she is asking for her daughter & grand-daughter.”

One of those who commented on the video posted on Thursday expressed doubts about the sanity of the accused. The eyewitness replied that, if he was sane enough to escape with dare-devil stunt after he was accused, then he is sane enough to be arrested.

“He is not well but he was well enough to jump many fences while running before he ended up in a church on my street and God arrested him,” she answered. Punch

Many people commented on the act.

A commentator jocasiofficialAmen! wrote on the meagre amount of money the man sold his family for, as well as condemned the act : “This is soooo sad damn it! What the hell is money over your own family…your wife, your child, your own blood…? 270k will finish in a bar in a matter of two to three days!”

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