WWE Monday Night Raw Preview + Kurt Angle’s shocking revelation


Well, what do you know?

The Great Khali returns to the WWE. Oh, for the life of me.

As though the Indian contingent needed anymore strengthening, they now have a giant bolstering their ranks.

Luckily, that is SmackDown Live’s problem to deal with as life on the Red side goes on as per normal… which is anything but normal, to say the least.

WWE RAW Results, July 24, 2017, Live Updates and Commentary

Jason Angle’s presentation to the world last week (can we call him that?) left everyone shocked. But now, that feeling has given way to a sense of curiosity. Now the question on everyone’s mind is if the boy can wrestle like his father did?

But Roman Reigns has much more pressing issues on his mind, what with the sudden return of Braun Strowman to the fold. Apparently, medical schedules don’t mean much to the Monster among Men, who rubbished another lengthy prognosticated layoff to return and wreak havoc.

Except this time, even Samoa Joe would do well to share Reigns’ concern.

And will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, former brothers-in-arms, sort out their issues so that they can once again be on the same page to take on a common foe?

Running through all these points and more, here is our preview of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

#1 A new challenger?

Will we see this again?

Braun Strowman may have stolen the thunder last week when he returned to action in next to no time after being put through the wringer by Roman Reigns, but the question as to who will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship next still remains unanswered.

And it was a match to decide exactly that, that the Monster among Men interrupted. To be fair, he has every right to throw his name in the hat after he pulled off the victory in the Ambulance Match against Roman Reigns at Great Balls of Fire.

But how will that sit with Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns? Or if they were yet again laid out like they were last week, will it even matter?

#2 The Demon’s resurrection

Where will this rivalry lead Finn Balor?

Elias Samson has postured himself as a bit of a musician these past few weeks… but that didn’t stop him from using his guitar as a weapon against Finn Balor last week.

Outsized but definitely not outfought, Balor will look for pay back this week on Raw as the duo are set to do battle in a No Disqualification Match.

After becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion, Balor’s tenure at the top of the mountain was cut short by injury, and he would be looking for a strong showing against Samson as the first step to chart his course for redemption.

#3 A broken friendship?

Will friend becomes enemies?

Sasha Banks has repeatedly shot down rumours of a rift between her and Bayley, despite the best attempts of the WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss to cast doubt on their relationship.

But this week, when they face off against one another to decide who will be crowned as the number one contender for Alexa’s Championship, both of them will be knowing that their friendship will have to take a back seat as it’s each woman for herself.

Will the Huggable one manage to break out of the rut she’s been in of late and earn herself another shot at the Women’s Title? Or will Sasha Banks begin her ascent towards her fourth Raw Women’s Championship reign?

#4 A re-forged brotherhood?

Ambrose and Rollins may have no choice but to stand together

It is an understatement to say that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have a checkered past. Once brothers inseparable, their brotherhood was rended apart in the most gut-wrenching fashion when Seth Rollins famously ‘bought in’ with the Authority, destroying the Shield.

Now, with two contrasting memories of their times together on the mind, Dean Ambrose has to make a decision whether he can trust Seth Rollins to have his back again

But he better make his mind up quickly as the Miz and his entourage (read: Miztourage), are preying on their indecision and inability to work together.

Some are speculating that instead of a Shield reunion, this could be leading to a long-awaited heel turn for Dean Ambrose.

Will part of the Shield reunite to keep them at bay? Or will the Hollywood A-Lister and his cronies continue to make merry in the estrangement of former brothers? Or will Dean Ambrose turn on his former bro

#5 Like father, like son?

What next for newly found son and doting father?

Kurt Angle shocked the WWE Universe when he announced that Jason Jordan, former member of American Alpha, was in fact, his long-lost son.

Now despite the uncanny resemblance, that was surely a curveball that no one could see coming. (Lol, jk)

But now that the hoopla has died down – a little at least – everyone is excited to see how this revelation would affect Jason’s rise.

Will Kurt Angle make it easier for his son by offering him opportunities that other Superstars don’t get? Or will he show him tough love, truly making him prove his worth every step of the way?

One thing, however, is for sure. He’s got huge, huge boots to fill and if he’s anything like a chip off the old block, Monday Night Raw is in for a rollicking ride.

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