Young millionaire Hushpuppi hospitalised

Controversial Malaysia-based Nigerian millionaire Hushpuppi has been hospitalised and his fans have started sending him heartwarming messages.

Hushpuppi took to is Snapchat handle on Sunday, July 16, to post pictures of him in the hospital while receiving drips. He was said to have been rushed to the hospital on a medical emergency.

However, the young millionaire and Gucci addict was rushed to the hospital after having too much fun with his friends and drinking too much champagne.

He was allegedly rushed to the hospital shortly after he was seen shopping heavily at a mall abroad. Before his admission, he was seen shopping while his chauffeur was seen carrying his bags behind him. Despite his full wardrobe, Hushpuppi still shopped for more Gucci, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana wears.

Millionaire Hushpuppi hospitalized, says it's because of 'too much enjoyment' (photos)
Hushpuppi receiving drip in the hospital.


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