Abomination! Mother sleeps with children, uploads it online

Mother who admitted to having sex with minors during trial at a Newcastle Local Court in Australia may be jailed.

The woman whose name was withheld for legal reasons had sex with her three children (14, 10 and five years) and posted it on a paedophile website.

She pleaded guilty to 26 child abuse charges which included a-seven-counts. Sexual intercourse with an underage carries a maximum term of life in jail.

The police were able to locate the woman and uncover the terrible act following an international appeal to identify a child who was being abused.

Interpol identified and arrested the culprit after watching a video cropped from the paedophile website.

A statement released by the NSW said, “A large number of those people arrested and charged with child exploitation offences in NSW have been targeted after information was provided to the NSW Police Force by other agencies.

“Likewise, offenders have been arrested and charged in other jurisdictions, including overseas, after being detected and identified by online covert operations run by the NSW Police Force.

“While the internet creates many opportunities for child predators to target children and connect with other offenders, it also presents opportunities for police to detect and target them” See more

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