Amber Rose Dodges $1 Million Strip Club Lawsuit

Model’s dream of owning her own jiggle joint may be over.

Amber Rose can breathe a little bit easier now that the owners of a famed L.A. strip club have thrown out their $1 million dollar lawsuit accusing her of slandering their good name and lying to her fans, can exclusively reveal.

Back in February, SKWS Enterprises, the owners of the famed club Ace of Diamonds, sued the 33-year-old model.

The company’s suit pointed out an appearance Rose made at the All Def Movie Awards, during which she told the crowd she bought Ace of Diamonds.

Though the audience cheered wildly at her announcement and the media immediately picked up the story, not everyone was so thrilled.

The real owners of Ace of Diamonds blasted her comments as “unequivocally false” and claimed Rose hadn’t put a dime into the jiggle joint and had no ownership stake it. They sued for slander and demanded $1 million in damages.

Shortly after the suit was filed, it was reported Rose had filed trademark docs back in December for a company called Ace of Diamonds, Inc., which was to be used for “entertainment services in the nature of live dance performances” and “gentlemen’s clubs featuring exotic dancing.”

She was not awarded a trademark and she had six months to file an appeal.

Rose, however, spoke out after the Ace of Diamonds lawsuit was filed against her, saying she was still moving forward with her own similarly named business and planned on opening a location soon. She had yet to file a response to the complaint in court.

Then on May 15, SKWS Enterprises filed docs in the case, explaining they are dismissing all claims against Rose and are requesting the case be officially closed.

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