At Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, we can’t stop praying and giving to the needy – Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin

Prophet Fufeyin blessing a worshipper with cash donation at the crusade


It was indeed, another religious manifestation of the power of God at the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, crusade tagged: None Shall Escape.


R-L: Prophets Fufeyin and Bushiri healing a sick man at the very successful crusade

Leading man of God and the General Overseer of the wave-making church, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin and his guest who flew in from South Africa, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri popularly known as ‘Major One’ took the deliverance ministry to another dimension at a special anointing service/crusade that held between May 4 and 8, 2017.


R-L: Prophet Fufeyin welcoming prophet Bushiri to Warri, Delta State amid cheers.

As expected, thousands of worshippers from within and outside the shores of Nigeria who thronged the anointing-filled crusade that lasted for four days, left with testimonies, healings, spiritual renewals, thanks and praises to God for His kindness towards them.


L-R: Prophets Fufeyin and Bushiri at the None Shall Escape crusade

Amazingly, the large-hearted man of God also blessed many with cash gifts, while the spiritual exercise that shook the city of Warri and its environs lasted amid supplications to the most high.


In a chat with DAYLIGHT.NG after the successful programme that brought life back into many dejected and dead souls, prophet Fufeyin and his guest, prophet Bushiri in separate interviews spoke passionately on the crusade and why they came together to liberate souls for the kingdom of God.


You had a very successful programme with your guest from South Africa, Shepherd Bushiri, how does that make you feel, having gone this far with your ministry?


It has been God all the way! He has been so good and so kind. He has given us His grace. It’s not by our power or by our might but God, for taking us to this length. And we believe, he would also take us higher and higher.


We observed that in your ministry, when you minister and heal the less privileged, you give them money too, also when pregnant women deliver in your church, you also give them money and other items. What is the motive behind this rare philanthropic gesture from you?

Jesus told us that before we can be his disciples, we have to follow his footsteps. The bible said, ‘Jesus was doing good’ and all his disciples witnessed it.

So, if we as followers of Christ see those that are handicapped, we have to follow the footsteps of our master. Those who have two can share. Those who have one can even divide and share. We are following the scriptures and that is why we cannot stop giving at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry.


You visited the prisons recently, what message did you take to the inmates and how can our politicians learn from your example? 


Jesus said, ‘when I was in the prison, you visited me, when I was on the sick bed, you came for me.’ Those people in prisons and hospitals are also our brothers and sisters

. We have to carry them along.

We took the message of the gospel to them at the prisons, so that when they come out they can join us and worship God. It’s all about evangelism. Telling them about Christ, who He is, how He looks like and how He died to save us.


Prophet, we have all read the story of your very humble beginning, so we would like to know the secret of your success?


Our elders always say, ‘every great thing always starts from little.’ It’s not up to three years, but God has been doing wonders. You can see that for yourself. As for the rapid growth and development, it’s just by the special grace of God. It’s not our power at all.


And what’s the secret of your very cordial relationship with your good friend and prophet of God, Bushiri?


Love. Jesus is love. Love binds us together. I love everything about his life.




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