Bobrisky set to undergo implant procedure

Male barbie Bobrsiky is at it again. This time he wants bigger bum 

 The Snapchat king shared the news with his fans, revealing he had deposited fees for the surgical procedure

 Bobrisky likes to wear make-up and fix his nails just like a woman 

Bleaching cream expert Bobrisky wants to upgrade his looks to appear more feminine. He revealed his plan to go for surgical procedure on social media. Clearly, wearing make up and fixing long weaves is not feminine enough for him anymore. 

Bobrisky always claims he has a bae who takes care of his financial needs. People are wondering if his latest decision to undergo implant surgery is sponsored by his bae. 


In his post, he expressed what it would be like if he added more flesh to his behind. Then he later opened up about paying half of the required fees to get implants. Referring to plastic surgery, he said: “Going for this soon. I’m so scared and I don donate half of the money.” 


Also comparing himself to girls and insinuating to be better than most of them he said: “cleaning my bathroom. Some girls if you see them outside they look good but if you enter their house, you will run”  naij

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