Book Review: Adeshina Adediji’s The Black Tribe of Israel

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The black tribe of Israel is a very peculiar book, it focuses on African history, racial discrimination and slavery. The book reveals secrets that have been long hidden from Africans, it exposes undisclosed facts about the black man, it is a wonderful book that is comparable to any literal work on the face of the earth. Having lived in America for many years and witnessed racial abuse and discrimination in the 70s, i am well positioned to confirm the accuracy of the content of this book, that is why i am happy about the appraisal that Prof. Bisi Sowunmi gave the book, pointing out that this book should make all Africans think deeply. Firstly Egypt was the first place of civilisation, now Egypt is located in Africa, but sadly today through western movies and literature, Egyptians are portrayed as white people, this is an aberration because Egyptians are not Europeans. This book reveals this crucial truth, it also explains the territory that Egypt is located in, which is a region of negro dominance. Secondly Israel was a nation that was formed in Egypt before it was separated from Egypt. Now Egypt and Ethiopia have a joint history, they married one another and they traded with each other. Moses the decorated prince of Egypt, that was later discovered to be an Israelite, married an Ethiopian woman. It is evident that the word Ethiopian means blackface, thereby showing us that Moses married a black woman. This is confirmed by the Bible in the book of Numbers chapter 12 verse 1: “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married, for he had married an Ethiopian woman” Thirdly black people today are the most scattered race on the face of the earth, this is one of the important points that the author of the book strikes on. The slave trade was used to disperse the black people all over the world, and if we follow the Bible, in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 64: “And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other”, it is crystal clear that the black people are the most identified by these words of the Bible. Fourthly this book exposes the bizarre support that the Pope and the church gave to slave trade. I am so impressed by the audacity of the author in identifying that monetisation of the church is the root facilitator of the business of slave trade. I am a chief and a former general auditor of Mobil Oil and Pfizer, presently i am the chairman of my community in Ikorodu. Adeshina Adediji opened a church in my community three years ago, i watched him from afar, expecting to see the usual money extortion and trickery of many of our pastors, i was shocked when i discovered he wasn’t collecting offering in the church, rather he persuaded his members to give money to the poor, insisting they should bring only their hearts to church, later he started a nursery and primary school in the community, to my greatest surprise he made the school free of charge for all students, i sent for him to ask him why he was investing so much in the community without making any financial gain, he simply told me that he loves giving. Today i am a member of his church and i am the chairman of the church council, the author believes in change, he is someone to be compared with Martin Luther or Mother Theresa, he wants to change the way things are, he desires to right a lot of wrongs. This summarises this book, its a book that’ll cause a global change, its a brave and sacrificial rendition. Lastly i discovered with evidence that many Africans have Israeli origin. Oduduwa the father of the yorubas came from the Middle East. Truth be told the author is an Einstein, his work can be compared to that of Leonardo Da vinci and his book will bring the needed reformation in African history and religion. Chief Sunday Eketunde CPA, FCA APPRAISAL FOR THE BOOK This is a well-researched and informative book which should set the black race thinking. Beyond tracing the genetic connection between some black people and Israel, it strikes at the fundamental issue of how black people had been subjected to dehumanising treatment particularly through the Atlantic slave trade, and how they have often not been accorded due recognition and acknowledgement for their major contributions to world civilisation. But to what extent have the black people in general been responsible for the tendency to denigrate and dehumanise them?. How much is the continent of Africa a significant player in contemporary world politics and economy?. These are some of the basic questions which arise from this book. Prof. Adebisi Sowunmi University of Ibadan It is a captivating reading devoid of ambiguity!. It is indeed a 3 in 1 book, in that it contains Poetry, History and Religion, it will be a good material for students of higher institutions and lovers of African history generally. Ibukun Alatise Mba, Fca, Fcti Senior Lecturer Lagos state Polytechnic Nigeria

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