Britney Spears & Elton John lead Gay Pride love letters initiative

Britney Spears, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, and Celine Dion are among the stars who have written heartfelt ‘love letters’ to the LGBTQ community to mark Gay Pride month (Jun17).
Billboard editors asked various celebrities and gay icons to pen notes to the world offering up hope and love during tough times and over 30 stars have responded to the call.

Britney, who has just arrived in Tokyo, Japan for two shows at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium this weekend ahead of an Asian tour, posed for a photo as she hand wrote her message of support, stating: “Continuously throughout my career, you’ve always been so vocal about what a positive impact I’ve had on you – that I’ve instilled joy, hope and love in you at times when there was none. That my music is an inspiration. That my story gives you hope.

“But I have a secret to share with you. You see, it’s actually you that lifts me up. The unwavering loyalty. The lack of judgment. The unapologetic truth. Acceptance! Your stories are what inspire me, bring me joy and make me and my sons strive to be better people. I love you.”

Rocket Man Elton John thanked his gay fans for accepting him when others didn’t, adding: “This Pride Month, I’m celebrating you. You’ve showed the world that people of all creeds, colors, and cultures can come together to enjoy the music of an openly gay artist like me. And more than that, you’ve showed the world that we are all worthy of love.”

And Streisand writes: “The first time I ever sang for a paying audience was at a gay club, The Lion, in Greenwich Village. I was 18 years old and had never been in a nightclub before. The gay community supported me from the start, and I will always be grateful,” while Celine admits she was honoured to be asked to be among those celebrating Gay Pride month with a love letter to her LGBTQ fans.

“I’ve always said that music is a language that has no barriers, and it’s also true that love is an emotion that has no barriers,” she notes. “I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by so many beautiful people from the LGBTQ community throughout my entire career… from talented performers, musicians, producers and songwriters, to colleagues who have contributed significantly to my success, and last but not least, to so many of my loyal fans who have stood by me, in the name of love.

“All of you have made such a positive impact on my life, and I hope and pray that our world will continue to better understand that acceptance and tolerance are virtues that we can never have enough of. For now, I join each and every one of you in this year’s celebration of Pride, sending you all my love and wishing you peace and happiness today, tomorrow… and well beyond.​”

Others taking part in the Billboard love letters drive include Liza Minnelli, Sia, Vanessa Williams, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, Kacey Musgraves, Pat Benatar, Belinda Carlisle, Gloria Trevi, Melissa Etheridge, Leann Rimes, and former Glee castmates Lea Michele and Naya Rivera.

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