Brothers at war: Why I’m dumping Psquare, Peter Okoye + My brother is threatening my wife, family


Peter Okoye of the Nigerian music duo, Psquare, has allegedly split from the group.

According to a letter circulating on social media, purportedly sent by Peter Okoye to Festus Keyamo chambers, Peter said he had decided to terminate the agreement between him and Psquare.

Recently, the announcement of Peter’s new stage name, Mr P, on social media,  had led to rumours that the brothers were not in good terms.

But in the letter that has since gone viral, Peter Okoye stated his reasons for terminating the agreement between Paul and older brother/ manager, Jude Okoye, adding that he had acted with caution because the safety of his family was his priority.

Mr P also stated that his decision was a painful one as he wished them well in their future endeavours.

He said, “What I am about to do has been the most difficult decision to make, I have tried and exhausted all my options to make this work. However, it seems that Paul is not willing to corporate.

“For example, he cancelled our US tour without discussing it with me, he cancelled each show we were booked for.

“He has also been accusing and threatening my wife and family of unimaginable lies via social media outlets, I and my wife have been getting different threatening messages.

“I cannot continue with P square in conditions like this that will jeopardize my well-being.

“We all have agreed that as long as P Square is in existence, we can operate as individuals as long as it doesn’t tamper with the group songs.

“I wish Jude and Paul the best in their careers, I love them and their families but my family comes first.Punch


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