Brutality! Soldiers allegedly beat teacher for refusing to run errand in Benue

Benue man has called on the authorities to promptly withdraw soldiers to the barracks after their duties have been completed.

The soldiers were said to have been deployed to the Naka Road, Benue State to checkmate Fulani Herdsmen attack in the area.

However, after his friend got beaten by one of the soldiers, Aper Zava feels their duties on the road is done.

In a Facebook post, Zava acknowledged the good job the military men did in making the Naka Road safe, but criticised the soldiers’ continued stay, saying they constantly manhandle people on the road.

Zava narrated: “Their recent victim is my friend Matthews Emberga-Biem II. He teaches at Mount La Salle College Naka (my Alma mater). This morning, as was rushing to go for his morning lessons, these soldiers stopped him at a stream close to the school gate and ordered him to fetch water for them. He declined, and explained to them that he was rushing to go teach his lessons. This was enough reasons for the soldiers to beat him up so mercilessly…,”

See a screenshot of the post below


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