Chaos as Ghanaian lawmakers exchange blows at parliament

Ghanaians lawmakers exchanged blows during the dissolution of the seventh parliament Wednesday night.

Footages from the overnight confrontation in parliament showed some of the legislators shouting and brawling with rivals.

Some of the lawmakers were seen scampering for safety in the ensuing chaos.

In one of the footages, a lawmaker was punched by opposition but rescued by his colleagues.

A female lawmaker was also seen pushing one of her male counterparts aggressively.

It was gathered that mayhem erupted after a lawmaker from the ruling party tried to seize the ballot box during the vote for parliament speaker.

The ensuing clash lasted several hours until the army moved in, with national television broadcasting the drama live.

The New Patriotic Party won 137 seats in the 275-member parliament, after shedding 32 in the election, leaving it equal to the 137 held by the National Democratic Congress.

A lone independent won the remaining seat.

On Wednesday, an NDC MP was ordered suspended on legal grounds because he had dual nationality, which in theory brought the opposition’s ranks down to 136.

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