Churches must pay tax like Jesus – Freeze


Popular and controversial on air personality, Freeze, has said he is keeping his marital status away from the public for security and legal reasons. Speaking with Sunday Scoopon whether he would be giving marriage another shot considering that he is always flaunting his girlfriend’s cooking on Instagram, he said, “For legal and security reasons, I like to keep my marital status away from the public. Yes, there is a beautiful woman in my life called Benedicta Kelechi, aka Taste buds, but I cannot disclose my marital status. My bae’s food is amazing and I’ve never tasted food that good since my mother gave birth to me. I travelled to Romania for two weeks recently and I missed her food throughout; I couldn’t wait to get back. And true to type, she welcomed me with a wonderfully prepared meal when I got back into the country.”

Explaining the reason for his Free the Sheeple movement in which he speaks against some Christian clerics, he said, “The Bible says in the book of Acts that the Lord does not dwell in buildings but we have made the mistake of turning the church into buildings in Nigeria. The church is supposed to be a way of life; it should be in you, that is one of the foundations of religion. Christianity enjoins us to behave like Jesus, and one thing Jesus taught was that we should love one another. But I have videos of general overseers of churches telling their members to behead anybody that looks like a Boko Haram member. You cannot win war with war; Jesus taught his followers to love all irrespective of what is done to them. So obviously, churches, particularly the Pentecostal ones, have lost the essence of Christianity. Churches these days are more like drug cartels. What churches should do is unite people but they are more interested in collecting tithes, which has no biblical backing. I’m starting with social media for now. Nigeria is not a very easy terrain to mess with religion, but it is beginning to gain momentum on the Internet. My former pastor reached out to me, though I cannot mention his name, and we had a healthy discussion on this. Right now though, I attend a catholic church.”

On whether he isn’t bothered that his Free the Sheeple movement may lead to him being attacked, he said, “I’m hoping it wouldn’t lead to that by the grace of God and I have my own security arrangement. Right now, I get some hateful comments online but the irony is that these are the same people I’m trying to save. Instead of them to see me as a friend that is trying to guide them, they see me as an enemy.”

Freeze also reiterated his belief that Christians shouldn’t pay tithe, saying, “There is nothing wrong in giving offering, but there is nowhere in the Bible where Jesus collected tithes. Paying tithes is an Old Testament concept, but these days, so-called men of God have twisted the scriptures to enslave their followers, so they can keep collecting their money. The Bible says in Deuteronomy that you should use your tithe to ‘buy beer and wine, and enjoy yourself in a place that God has chosen.’ If you want to give Jesus money, you don’t have to give it to a pastor; you can rather give it to the poor and needy. Things like ‘first fruit’ offerings are nothing but scam. As a matter of fact, I think churches should pay tax because Jesus paid tax while on earth.”Punch


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