Climate Change Cause of Humanitarian emergencies,crises – IPCR

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, IPCR, has asserted that climate change as an environmental challenge can lead to humanitarian emergencies as well as crises in form of forced migration from thier natural habitat. Director General of IPCR, Dr. Bakut Tswah Bakut, made the assertion while speaking on ‘Climate Change Remediation, Peace Building Advocacy/Sensitization’ workshop in Calabar.

Bakut represented by Head, Gender, Peace and Security at IPCR, Grace Awodu  urged the people not to engage themselves in activities that would lead to humanitarian crises in their domain.

He also added if that happens it could spark off emergencies that would make people struggle for scarce resources and on the long run wno choice than to migrate from their natural domain in order to survive. He said that when the people migrate, they would be force to scramble for limited/ scarce resources with their host communities, harping on the need for people to prevent conflict. In a paper he presented titled;

“The Role of Local Mediation, in Conflict Management Skills in Promoting Community Based Climate Actions, the Head, Gender, Peace and Security at IPCR, Grace Awodu, who spoke on behalf of the DG, called for on hands to be on deck in order to overcome humanitarian crises, which according to her, impacts negatively on economy of nations.

He said :”We are trying to do sensitization on the reality of climate change on the environment, especially in border communities. “Like I said earlier, first law of nature is survival. If the climate is affecting the livelihood, it means people would have to do everything humanly possible to survive.In an attempt to survive, they would have to confront other people in order to survive,” he said.


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