Dammy Krane had multiple credit cards on him at time of arrest


More details surrounding Dammy Krane’s arrest in Miami comes out.

There is new information on the circumstances of Dammy Krane’s arrest.

According to legal website Uduak Law, Dammy Krane was arrested with multiple credit cards in his possession.

The website states that “Dammy Krane had his passport along with several credit cards in the front of his pant pocket. Three of the credit cards were in Krane’s name but four were in the name of a William Payton III.

Dammy Krane

In the Complaint/Arrest Affidavit obtained by Uduak Law,  Dammy Krane and  Gabriel Ilonchowu (Ebuka) an alleged U.S promoter allegedly purchased two private charter flight tickets from Miami to Washington DC with fraudulent cards.

Dammy Krane on the wings of a private jet

Dammy Krane on the wings of a private jet


Eugene Kesselman of Tap Jets Inc, who they bought the tickets from, was suspicious of Dammy Krane and Ebuka. He reported his suspicion to the police who arrived and waited for the duo at the airport.

When Dammy Krane and Ebuka arrived the police took them into custody after an investigation. The police found multiple credit cards on Dammy Krane. They also found laptops and phones in the bags of the singer and the alleged US promoter.

Dammy Krane was living a deceptive lifestyle

When the police established that there was probable cause to arrest Dammy Krane and Ebuka they were read their Miranda Rights. They, however, waived their right to speak with a lawyer.

Dammy Krane was released yesterday, Tuesday, June 6, 2017. The judge presiding the case is allegedly considering to add more charges against the Nigerian pop singer. His co-defendant  Gabriel Ilonchowu has a history of grand theft and identity fraud. pulse

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