Davido’s brother Adewale makes a fan’s day

Davido and his brother Adewale are obviously well off

This did not stop Adewale from helping a fan who was in need of some money

Davido on the other hand is receiving knocks for his lavish spending

Ever since the brouhaha that followed his post where he said his dogs eat better than most Nigerians, Adewale, elder brother of popular singer Davido has kept a low profile until now.

A desperate fan who needed some money to pay for his school project dropped a comment on one of his photos and Adewale responded by asking how much the fan needed.

Davido’s brother Adewale makes a fan’s day

Lo and behold, the fan took to his Instagram page to confirm that Adewale has helped him with the money he needed.

What a way to redeem his dented image!

Meanwhile, Davido has come under fire from his fans over news that he spent over N2million in a nightclub in London NAIJ.com reported the story HERE.

Commented on NAIJ.com‘s public post


Blessing Ngozi So we should applaud you for spending millions in club house. Essence of having money is the impact you use it to create in people. There are hundred and one Nigerians begging for assistance to get medical treatment. Or you haven’t seen them.

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Ogbozor Tochukwu Jude

Musicians are the only celebrities that hardly contribute to the life of the masses.

They just enjoy our support and show us our money by spending unwisely. A See More


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