Falz, 9ice dismiss rumors of ‘war’ between them

A few weeks ago, there was a rumour going around that Falz and 9ice were at loggerheads

The two musicians have come out to deny the feud

Saying there was never any fight at all

During a recent interview Falz gave about how some musicians glorify fraudsters in their songs, many assumed he was referring to veteran singer 9ice whose hit song Living Things appeared to praise internet fraudsters.

9ice had denied that his song is about promoting fraudsters. “It’s not about promoting fraud so to speak, it’s about someone who wakes up in the morning and needs to go and earn a living. It’s not negative, it’s positive.” he said.

Nigerians had even begun to take sides saying Falz was speaking the truth while 9ice was destroying our culture.

Well the two stars recently met and jointly released a statement saying they were never fighting each other. Falz even went on to call 9ice a veteran showing how excited he was to meet him. naij

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