Help! Michael Needs N3 Million To Walk Again

Michael Irabor


Michael’s dream of becoming a successful writer hangs in the balance due to complications from an accident and a pending surgery that requires N3 million 
Scan of Michael’s disjointed hips

Michael Irabor is one good and happy boy. Though somewhat shy and aloof, his soft spoken nature, good breeding, height and fair skin usually draw people to him.  Unlike boys of his generation who care less about being polite to older people, this 26 years old is not only respectful and civil but also considerate to persons he comes in contact with.

But the infectious sunshine and joy in this young man’s life have come under a very severe threat. Michael is sick and urgently needs help to undergo a surgery that would return laughter once again to his lips.
Michael’s tragic story began on April 14, 2011 in Abuja, shortly after he rounded off his Ordinary National Diploma in Mass Communication. He had a motorcycle accident at Bwari area of the capital territory but did not actually appreciate the full impact or degree of the injuries he sustained. After a casual treatment in Abuja, he proceeded to Lagos to begin his Industrial Training. It was while in Lagos that he started experiencing excruciating pains. The following year, he noticed that a bone was pulling out of his hip.
So he went to a doctor friend who first told him that he was suffering from acute rheumatism. Consequently, he was advised to exercise regularly, that with time, the condition will disappear. But by 2014, the pain had become severe and unbearable and the same doctor insisted on his opinion. However, it turned out to be wrong diagnosis. He managed the condition until 2016. But with the detachment of his bone from the normal position to his buttocks, he returned to the hospital. At the General Hospital, Ikeja where he went for further examination, it was revealed that he has Vascular Disorder. The sad news is that the condition is already at its fourth and very critical stage.
At the General Hospital, he was advised to travel to India for a surgery that would cost him N3 million. 
Michael has not really worked, therefore has no income. And his family on the other hand does not have such money to fund the surgery. So he is using this medium to solicit the financial support of good spirited Nigerians to assist his medical trip to India.        
For now, he is receiving local therapy from traditional bone setters but this is a temporary measure because it is absolutely a route to nowhere. Those who knew Michael before the unfortunate incident will not recognise him easily because there is now a very ugly spring in his step. I consider Michael’s situation as very tragic and it is a major test for our common humanity. Please let us help Michael to walk well again.     
Anybody wishing to assist Michael can reach him on Phone. No. 07065640257 and Acct or Michael Irabor, Acc. No. 0176663635, G.T. Bank
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