Help! Mother of three battling colon cancer cries out for financial help

The patient

Emotions betrayed an Ogun State-based mother of three, Titilayo Adebeshin, on Saturday as she narrated to PUNCH Online the health challenge she is currently battling.

Adebeshin said she was diagnosed with stage four anorectal cancer in 2023 and had since then been in severe pain.

A medical report by Mercy Group Clinic, attached to her appeal letter shows that she was diagnosed on October 8, 2023. She narrated that what started as losing significant weight and defecating blood had become her family’s nightmare as the treatment could not cure it.

She added that when the situation did not improve, she did medical tests and scans and she was diagnosed with stage four anorectal cancer.

“I noticed something was wrong when I began to lose significant weight and was defecating blood. When I started experiencing this with severe diarrhoea in 2023, I went to the hospital and it was mistaken for pile and I started using drugs and injections for treatment and there was no improvement,” she stated

Unable to hold back her tears, Adebeshin said despite this treatment, nothing changed and her pains continued.

She added that she was then taken to a hospital to run some tests and it was there it was discovered that she had stage four anorectal cancer.

She continued, “I proceeded to different hospitals to run another test and scan to reconfirm because I was unable to believe and accept the initial result. To my greatest surprise, I was diagnosed with Colon rectal, anorectal cancer to be specific. “I was told it was already in stage four and very critical. I am in severe pain and need urgent treatment. To manage the pain, I take 16 injections daily and that costs N13,000 and I can’t afford that anymore.

“I have also gone for chemotherapy at the Ibadan Oncologist Centre where I have undergone three sessions. We have spent N1m already and we can hardly feed as there is nothing left. My family have spent all they have to subdue the pain I go through daily. I need help.” Punch


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