How diabetes killed my mum, dad, aunt – Shirley Igwe


Hook, Line and Sinker star, Shirley Igwe has revealed why she launched a foundation to fight the scourge of diabetes, especially among the indigent class of people who cannot afford the treatment of the incurable ailment. Shirley-Igwe The beautiful, fair-skinned, actress chronicled her personal experience, regarding the ailment while officially launching her ‘Daughter’s Love Foundation on Thursday which was the World’s Diabetes Day. Apapa road:

“Having lost my mother at the age of 13, and father 2014 and most recently my aunt, to the cold hands of diabetes, I can only but relate to the pains patients and family of patients go through, throughout the duration of this deadly disease. It saddens my heart that our society does little or nothing for this cause, and we, as individuals take it for granted,” she said, while launching the foundation.

“A few people close to me know how passionate I am about helping, and I feel strongly that diabetes care is a cause very much worth supporting,   therefore I have founded Daughter’s ’s Love Foundation (DFL) to help alleviate human suffering related to diabetes, and it’s complications among those least able to withstand the burden of the disease.

“DLF aims to create programs and projects that will be of assistance to diabetic patients, as well as widows/widowers in other to promote physical and emotional well being in community / rural developments through financial assistance, provision of healthcare assistance, entrepreneurship for the down trodden, conducting outings for awareness and to educate the underprivileged on the implications of the disease,”  she added. Vanguard

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