Hushpuppi gives Seyi Law subtle reply after the comedian shaded him


Seyi Law has been in the news for a couple of weeks now

– He made an Instagram post with a strong caption which got people talking

– His fans thought the shade was thrown at Hushpuppi, the Nigerian big boy in Malaysia

– Hushpuppi responded mildly claiming he would always love and respect Seyi Law despite the shade

Popular Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, is at it again.

The dark skinned comedian had been in the news for weeks now following the unending drama that ensued between him and Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of the former governor of Oyo state.

This time around, the comedian posted a beautiful picture on his Instagram page with a caption to go with it.

While explaining the characters in the picture, the comedian allegedly threw an open shade at Hushpuppi, the Nigerian big boy who resides in Malaysia.

Seyi Law throws shade at Hushpuppi, receives epic response

“Two Great Men And A Dog. One Dead Hero, A Living Legend in the making and Still a Dog. Because of instigators, Here is Nelson Mandela, SEYILAW and a PUPPI. Hush please.

The words ‘Puppi’ and ‘Hush’ occurring in a sentence at the same time was too much of a coincident as people calculated and drew the conclusion that the comedian was definitely talking to Hushpuppi.

Seyi Law throws shade at Hushpuppi, receives epic response

Hushpuppi on the other hand went mild as he caught the shade and reacted in a very mature way. He reached out to Seyi Law through a direct message and gave his opinion on the open sub.

Seyi Law throws shade at Hushpuppi, receives epic response

He made a post asking people not to throw stones if they live in glass houses.

Seyi Law throws shade at Hushpuppi, receives epic response

Read the words he sent to Seyi Law via DM: “You are one of my fav comedians, I love your work. I see people sending your posts in my dm, you a comedian and I respect that but it’s risky sometimes taking jokes on people who might retaliate. Throughout u and auntie kemi’s ish, I always supported u and your beautiful and adorable daughter and I still will continue to, no matter what, If it were anyone else, I would use that word dog/puppy to destroy their day. I see the sub but I respect and love you bro!!! Always, your fan”.

Hours after the post was made, Seyi Law went back to edit his caption by removing the word ‘Hush’ from it. He also went on to make a fresh post where he stated that his captions are being misread these days as people keep misconstruing his words.

Seyi Law had been continuously dragged in different social media tussles following the claim that his daughter is overweight. The fight between him and Madam Kemi Olunloyo was beyond dirty.

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