IDG: Inner Wheel Club Gbagada-Ifako celebrates students in Lagos


The Inner Wheel Club of Gbagada-Ifako in Lagos State marked the 2023 International Day of the Girl Child on Friday with lectures and gifts donated to students of Iju Grammar School, Iju, Lagos.

The theme of the 2023 IDG, marked annually worldwide on October 11, was: “Invest in Girls’ Rights: Our Leadership, Our Well-being.”

Speakers at the event enlightened the students on discipline, which they described as a unique pathway to success in leadership and well-being.

Inner Wheel Member Magdalene Adekoge, the Centenary District Chairman, who was a special guest at the event, charged the girls with the need to set actionable smart goals and have a changed mindset to be successful in life.

According to Adekoge, these goals must be measurable, realistic and time-bound.

She said: “To be successful in life, you need to set smart goals.

“The goals you are meant to set now are your career goals, which must be realistic, measurable, and time-bound.

“Not only that, when you set these goals, you must write them so can you go through them often and measure them.

“The goals should be placed in your room or a place where you can have access to it daily so you can measure how far you’ve come and where you are going.”

Adekoge also spoke on them having a changed mindset and not limiting themselves based on their background or the situations around them.

She added: “You also need to have a change of mindset.

“Don’t limit yourself based on your background or your present situation and surroundings to be a leader and be successful.”

On what to do when one fails at keeping up with set goals, Adegoke urged them not to be discouraged, but rather see failure as a learning curve, adding that there is always a second chance.

She said: “Life happens.

“Life is a roller coaster.

“If you are down today, don’t remain down.

“You can not afford to stay down.

“See any failed attempt as a detour or a learning curve.

“If you fail at your first attempt, try again.

“Failure does not mean that you are lazy or that you can never make it.

“Even when you make a mistake, know that there is always a second chance.

“When you are not happy, identify what can bring you out of the mood.

“Speak to a mentor.

“Listen to inspirational messages, talk to your parents, and above all, don’t forget the God factor, pray.”

Also speaking, IWM Kemi Adedugbe charged the students on the need to be disciplined to achieve greatness in life.  

Adedugbe highlighted the importance of education, good character, and choice of friends as key factors, adding that time is also of the essence.

She said: “Time is of the essence.

“Don’t play with your time.

“Time waits for nobody.

“You must also seek counsel from your counsellor, parents and elders.

“Put on the garment of discipline in your studies to become somebody in the future.

“Avoid peer pressure.”

On her part, IWM Kemi Bamidele noted that because we live in a social system in which the male holds primary power and predominate in roles, the girls must work twice as hard as boys, be audacious and daring, and never be scared to be a leader or go for a higher position in whatever field of their choice.

Said Bamidele: “We are here to tell you to be bold enough to question the status quo, ask for opportunities, and not be scared to take up leadership roles.

“We are here to remind you that power lies within you, which is a confirmation that you are not a second fiddle.

“It would help if you were not scared to occupy space.

“You, as a girl child, must be audacious and daring, to occupy space and never be scared to be a leader or go for a higher position in whatever field you’ve chosen.

“There is no space too big for you to occupy or a position too technical for you to man.

“Start now.

“You can be a class captain to being a prefect.

“When you leave here and head to the university, you can become the student union president, a strong political candidate, a business guru, a board member, a policy maker, and so on.”

The event, which also doubled as the commemoration of the Global Hand Washing Day, also presented the club members with the opportunity to promote hygiene and health among the students.

IWM Folawe Apanisile encouraged the girls to take their hygiene and health more seriously.

Apanisile added: “Hand washing with soap removes germs from hands.

“This helps prevent infections because people frequently touch their eyes, nose and mouth without even realising it.

“Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose and mouth, making one sick.”

To further reinforce the message of daily hygiene and avoid foul odours of any kind, Apanisile shared essential tips such as bathing daily, using soap, brushing teeth and maintaining good menstrual hygiene.

The Inner Wheel Club of Gbagada-Ifako embarked on the lecture in collaboration with Aspira Company.

The project was to promote hygiene awareness and emphasise the significance of discipline for personal and academic success.

The distribution of relief items further demonstrated the club’s commitment to supporting the students and their educational journey.

Products from Aspira Company were distributed to over 250 students.

Immediately after the distribution of the relief items, the Club welcomed the District Chairman and her entourage to the Inner Wheel Club of Gbagada-Ifako as the Chairman’s visit commenced.

Gbagada-Ifako Inner Wheel Club is just two years old but has positively impacted the community.

Part of the service rendered included donation of medical materials to Ifako General Hospital; provision of baby incubator to the same Hospital; and support project to Isokan Community Health Center, Ijaiye Ojokoro.

The Chattered President of the chapter is IWM Omolara Adedugbe, while the President is IWM Janeth Akomolafe.

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