Israeli visit: Egyptians demand Jennifer Lopez cancel gig


Jennifer Lopez is under fire from Egyptian activists demanding her concert in their country be cancelled as she has visited and performed in Israel.

Lopez is set to take her It’s My Party tour to the Egyptian resort town of El Alamein on Friday, but activists from the Egyptian arm of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement have called for organisers to pull the gig as she also played in Israel last week.

The campaigners, who demand artists cut ties with Israel due to the ongoing conflict with Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, posted an open letter to concert organisers Orascom Development, on their Facebook page.

“This concert will take place after her previous concert in occupied Palestine days ago, which she insisted on carrying out despite many calls to boycott Israel and cancel the concert,” their letter read, according to The Times of Israel.

In a separate post activists accused the star of indulging in deliberate “provocation” by posting an Instagram picture of herself on a beach in Tel Aviv (which they called “occupied Palestine”) in which she called the Jewish state “the motherland”.

Organisers appear to be defying calls from the group’s more than 20,000 followers for a boycott, as the concert is still listed as going ahead.

Jennifer was urged to pull her gig in Tel Aviv, Israel, too – but her manager Benny Medina defiantly responded: “There was nothing that was gonna stop us from being in Israel. It’s really simple: Tel Aviv and Israel deserve Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lopez deserves Israel.”

The 50-year-old singer was joined on her trip to Israel by her ex-baseball star fiance Alex Rodriguez and Emme, her 11-year-old daughter from her previous marriage to Latin singer Marc Anthony, as well as her sister Lynda.

They travelled to Jerusalem and prayed at the Wailing Wall in the ancient city. Her visit to the city also angered the BDS activists, as both Israelis and Palestinians claim it as their capital.Musicnews


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