In the words of Plato, “A man cannot enquire about that which he knows, or about that which he does not know, for if he knows, he has no need to and if not, he cannot, for he does not know the very subject about which he is to enquire.” For Immanuel Kant, “Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind”. Epicurus infers “To reduce our physical wants is to increase our chances of happiness to minimize as possible the urge of passion is to ensure our peace of mind”.

Following the above assertions one may infer that anyone whose thoughts are without content who nevertheless, wishes to enquire about that which is obvious may be interested in minimizing as possible the urge of material opulence and passion in order to have a lasting peace of mind. But this may not be the case with the state chief executive of Imo state Gov. Rochas Okorocha.
In 2016, the Imo state governor was quoted to have said that Imolites have rejected him. In a Newspaper (Nigerian Horn of October 12-13 2016) publication with front page caption, “Imolites have rejected me”, the Imo state governor expressed dissatisfaction with Imolites over the manner they criticize his projects and policies. The paper reports, “…. Okorocha disclosed this during the inauguration of state development council (S.D.C), held at Imo International conference centre (ICC) in Owerri, held on Tuesday… in his words the governor said “my people have rejected me, they don’t appreciate anything good I have done for them, they always criticize my policies”.
My reaction to the worries of my governor on why Imolites rejected him is found in the Aristotelian assertion that “if a man is interested in himself only, he is very small, if he is interested in his family, he is larger, if he is interested in his community, he is larger still”. Today, Gov. Rochas has shown Imolites that he is more interested in himself and family than in the entire state, this however shows that he is both small and large following the philosophical assertions of Aristotle.
In 2011 when Gov Rochas took oath of office as executive governor of Imo state, he made us realize that the Egyptians we saw then will never be seen again. The birth of the emotional cum deceptive slogan of “My people, my people” became the source 0f succor as Imolites thought they were dealing with a leader with the fear of God and good will. Little did they know that the lion of the tribe of Ogboko like carnivorous animal came with an intention to enrich himself? Today, my Governor has become richer than every one of us. The ancient Egyptians we saw in the years past have greatly multiplied. He has acquired lands, houses and other material things than his predecessors.
Though he has made some areas in Owerri municipality beautiful; in fact, Gov. Rochas has reached the height of opulence as he lives in full affluence with our money. I am still worried because my brother Rochas is still not satisfied as he may be interested in the position of number one in the Federation in 2019. He is free to indicate interest in any elective political position of his choice but my problem is in desiring too much for in such, lies greed. Gov Rochas for presidency in 2019, the wife for Orlu senate, while his son in law goes for Imo governorship position all to the detriment of Imo people. Good idea indeed!

It is good to have lofty ideas but it must be weighed in the light of proper perspective. Gov. After he took the oath of office, Rochas started embarking on building of gates and construction of round about within the major cities in Imo state. He went ahead to construct substandard roads for which the raining season of 2016 showed that he built “China roads”. We are almost in another raining season in 2017 and I am afraid of what is going to happen.  Almost all the roads constructed by this administration needs repair to be effected on them. This simply shows how his popularity has decreased hence his statement that Imo people have rejected him.
Apart from the above, Chief Rochas Okorocha has dealt with Imo civil servants in a way that they have regretted voting for him in 2015. He has finally deducted not less than 30% from their salaries, a situation that has bamboozled the workers. The Imo youth must work who received #20,000 per month now receives #13,000; this is nothing but an abomination to the principles of job maintenance. How will they survive in the face of economic recession? Our governor now behaves as if there is no reward to morality.
Our governor’s action and administrative pattern reminds me of a particular story of when Socrates was describing the ideal way of life and ideal society, Glaucon countered it and consequently inferred, “Socrates i do not believe that there is such a city of God anywhere on earth”. Socrates responded that “Whether such a city exists in heaven or ever will exist on earth, the wise man will live after the manner of that city, having nothing to do with any other, and in so looking upon it, will set his own house in order”.
It is evident that Gov. Rochas administration that is bereft of divine expectation hereafter has refused to set his house in order in case if such a place like heaven exists. I completely subscribe to Socrates view that if such plane exists or not, the wise should live after the manner of such a city because no harm can occur if we trust God with our unalloyed actions to our fellow human beings.
No one loves a failure; no amount of praise singing can change the colour of chameleon. Gov. Rochas has been rejected by Imo people but who will Imo people accept in 2019? Suppose Gov. Rochas hand picks his successor just like what took place in APC Edo state in the just concluded governorship election, what will Imo people do? If Gov. Rochas is truly aware of his rejection by Imolites what should be his response? I wish to remind Gov Rochas of the philosophical dictum of Plato thus “Thank not those faithful who praise all your words and actions, but those who kindly reprove your faults”.        
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