Photo of the day! Seven photos Nigerian police would want removed from internet

Nigeria Police is one of the most important organisations in the country.

The leadership of the police are constantly making efforts to make the outfit world class. As part of its efforts to make ensure the police are professional in their duty, the force recently created the X-Squad to check the excesses of errant officers.

However, there are some acts of that the police have been caught doing that cast shadow on the outfit. If the top echelon of the force had a means to do it, they would have taken these pictures off the internet.

Unfortunately, the internet never sleeps.

Here are 7 of such scenes

1. Two police officers caught fighting after getting drunk on duty


2. Police drinking beer while on duty


3. Police collecting bribe in broad daylight

4. Police urinating publicly

5. Police losing gun during fight over bribe

6. Counting crumpled check-point cash collection


7. Sleeping on duty


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