Please don’t call me a ‘slay queen’ – Miss Nigeria Chioma Obiadi declares

She shared her thoughts on domestic violence, the Miss Nigeria pageant and why the term ‘slay queen’ is derogatory

She also talked about why Nigerians need to pay attention to the environment

Why the term slay queen is derogatory

I do not know what the word slay queen means and one cannot support what you do not understand. The words slay queen is not in the dictionary. A lot of people may use the term without understanding what it means. I wouldn’t blush if someone addresses me as a slay queen that is not what I want to hear. Calling me that objectifies me so, I do not want to be addressed as such.

On beauty queens being referred to as prostitutes

It makes me sad. But I think that is a stereotype beauty queens have had to deal with because most beauty pageants focus more on the beauty part. But with Miss Nigeria, it’s different. The beauty part is just 20% while the rest is about how intelligent you are.

Most people do not realize that men also undergo domestic violence. That said, my message to those being abused is that you should not stay until you are killed. Most times, it could be a financial issue that is causing the problem that’s why I think women need to be financially independent. I for one would not allow myself to be abused. I love myself too much to undergo such.

Why Miss Nigeria doesn’t have a swimsuit category 

Miss Nigeria doesn’t have a swimsuit category not because we want to paint other pageants bad, it’s because we need a queen to represent all parts of Nigeria. We have Muslims, Christians and other religions in this country so we need a queen that will appeal to all these groups

Life after Miss Nigeria 

Education is important to me and as such, I will be doing my masters immediately after my reign is over. I also want to be done with my PhD by the time I am 28.

Chioma in another interview also said rapists need to be jailed. “Cases of r*pe are on the increase now in the country. In fact it is become so alarming. I feel that we are recording increased cases because the perpetrators know that they will be imprisoned for few years. This, I feel, is not stringent enough. When these rapists know that they will be sentenced to life imprisonment or death, the crime will definitely decline,” she told NAN. naij

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