Psquare Disapproves FGN’s Planned Ban On Music Video Shoot Abroad


Jude Okoye, their elder brother, a video director also weighed in on the matter, clearly expressing his disapproval.

Nigerian superstar music duo Psquare have reacted to the news about the federal government of Nigeria proposing to ban Nigerian music creatives from shooting music videos abroad, with the argument that they are not promoting the Nigerian economy that way.

Peter Psquare disapproves of Nigerian govt proposed ban on music video shoot abroad

Peter Okoye of Psquare responded on Instagram:

Peter Okoye's reaction to music video abroad shoot proposed ban

Paul Okoye of Psquare wrote via his  Instagram page“Our behavior when we hear say FG dey plan stop something….soon dem go tell us how and which style we go dey use de Kpakam our wife dem let me come and be going.

Paul Okoye mocks the Nigerian government  as regards proposed music video and movie shoot ban

Jude engees Okoye also wrote via his  Instagram page :“Smh. An industry they NEVER encouraged, supported or empowered is what they now want to control. Let all of you stop running to abroad when you are sick as na naija money una dey use patronize oyibo hospital dem. You people are the ones refusing to fix our health facilities so u travel out when mosquito bite una. So why tell us where to record when u can’t provide uninterrupted power here in Nigeria. Sometime I wonder how we got it all wrong. Una children when dey sch for abroad na which money una dey use patronize them? Abeg stfu!”

As we wait to see how this would be implemented, Pulse is contacting other Nigerian music creatives to find out what their thoughts are.

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