Put some respect on my name – Tekno brags about being the best songwriter, producer

Tekno wittily samples a number of songs to create another typical Tekno tune.

Tekno brags about writing and producing the biggest songs out of Nigeria now.

On social media, he wrote:

“Listen guys I write and I produce the biggest songs in the music industry right now, You all better  put some respect on my name, It’s my sound right now I own the music.”

Tekno loves the controversies or is he just stating the facts

Tekno just released a new tune where he samples a number of songs to arrive at ‘Go’, the title of the song.

This kind of talk was what got him a sub from Wizkid when he meddled into the ‘international beef talk’ between Wizkid and Davido, where he later in a sarcastic tone apologised to Wizkid for comparing himself to him and Davido, asking to create a song for Wizkid like he did for Davido.

Perhaps Tekno’s statement speaks for him as one of the biggest songwriters and producers of Nigerian music but should he come out to say it?

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