Quincy Jones wins $9.4m in damages from Michael Jackson’s estate

Quincy Jones, the legendary producer behind Michael Jackson’s top hits, on Wednesday won $9.4 million in damages from the late superstar’s estate over posthumous works.

A jury in Los Angeles sided with the 84-year-old producer but gave him only part of the $30 million he was seeking.

Jones has arranged songs for some of the biggest names in music including Jackson, producing his “Thriller” in 1982 which remains the top-selling album of all time.

The producer filed suit over the use of songs in “This Is It” — a 2009 documentary about Jackson’s rehearsals for a series of concerts in London that ultimately were never to be due to the star’s sudden death — as well as two Cirque du Soleil circus shows.

Jackson sued MJJ Productions Inc., one of the companies that ran the late King of Pop’s estate, in 2013.

Jones said he had no quarrel with Jackson personally but that he had reached contracts in 1978 and 1985 that gave him the first priority to Jackson’s music, including maintaining the right to be the first to mix original recordings. punch

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