Rev. Esther Ajayi’s Charitable Endeavour Empowers Over a Hundred Nigerian Youths Through University Sponsorship

Founder of Love of Christ Generation Church and The Esther Ajayi Foundation extends fully funded scholarships to foster education and leadership development.

Renowned Christian leader Rev. Esther Ajayi is facilitating the educational aspirations of over one hundred Nigerian youths through her sponsorship of their university education. As the founder of the Love of Christ Generation Church and the driving force behind The Esther Ajayi Foundation, Rev. Ajayi is extending fully funded scholarships to deserving individuals from less-privileged backgrounds within her church and across different States in Nigeria. The scholarships encompass tuition, accommodation, and living expenses.

Expressing her commitment to fostering a new generation of leaders, Rev. Ajayi stated during the church service on January 14, 2024, “This is my contribution to the development of a new generation of leaders.” Additionally, she acknowledged and awarded 20 students during the service, recognizing their commendable backgrounds and academic achievements. Emphasizing her vision, she underscored the significance of impacting lives and ensuring that the youth are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. “By the grace of God, I am a graduate, as is every member of my family. Therefore, it is only fitting that the youths around me receive an education as well, recognizing that the younger generation is our future,” she articulated.

Encouraging the congregation to support the youth beyond their external appearances, Rev. Ajayi urged them to unlock their full potential in service to God and humanity. “For the youths, they must realize that there is no limitation to what they can achieve if they trust God and remain focused,” she added, offering words of encouragement.

The beneficiaries and their parents expressed gratitude during the ceremony, offering prayers for Rev. Ajayi and her family’s continued success in ministry and long life. Master Johnson Daniel, a recipient, conveyed his appreciation, stating, “I am deeply grateful to the Esther Ajayi Foundation for restoring my lost hope. I never imagined that I would be able to pursue education beyond the secondary level, let alone attend a private university. A mother who cares for all the children around her has chosen to provide me and many others with a future and expected end.”


Rev. Esther Abimbola Ajayi, Founder of Love of Christ Generation Church, Cherubim and Seraphim.

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