Revealed! Three best sex positions for man and woman

Knowing the best sex positions can put the fire in your sex life because it is the only way to understand what your partner needs and how to go about satisfying each other and having an amazing time together.

So, what are these sex positions? These ones…
• Reverse cowgirl: This position allows the woman to be in charge, but it also gives the man the opportunity to relax for a while the woman does the movement, and by the time he’s ready to take charge, he’ll be raving to roll with more strength.
Here’s how sexologists view it: “For a man, watching a woman get on top of him, take charge, and just let go is a very relieving and hot experience. It also convinces him that his woman loves and enjoys sex.”
Besides, reverse cowgirl sex position enables the couple to focus on each other’s body and embrace the intensity of the moment.

• Girl on top: This is very similar to the reverse cowgirl in many ways, but different because the woman can look into the man’s eyes from this position. Both of you can also see the reactions to the sex on your faces. When you are lost in the experience, it shows, and each partner will be extremely turned on by the visual.

• Doggy style: Doggy style is so popular and such a common sex position because both men and women love it. Here, the woman is submissive and the man assumes the dominant role.

The bottom line: You don’t have have to memorise a million sex positions in order to be good in bed. While trying new sex positions is a good idea, you and your partner must work with whatever is best for you.Punch

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