Source of wealth: Atiku Comes Under heavy attack


A former Vice President and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, on Thursday came under sharp criticism by some Nigerians over the sources of his wealth.
The criticism followed attempts by Abubakar on his Twitter handle to exonerate himself of allegations of corruption.
Abubakar had commenced the discourse with the defence of his multi-billion naira companies.
He said the companies were booming before he emerged as Vice President.
Abubakar, who was challenged by one of his followers on Twitter, denied ownership of Mikano, a company into the sale of power generating sets.
He said: “I own bigger companies and they’re known publicly, why would I deny this one?
“1. NICOTES (now Intels) founded in 1989.
“2. Prodeco, 1996
“2. My farm, 1982.
“3. ABTI schools, 1992
“Intels was already Nigeria’s biggest indigenous oil & gas logistics firm before 1994.
“This is why military government tried to seize it.”
However, another follower challenged Abubakar, saying the above listed companies were not viable until he became the Vice President, adding: “Only gullible will fall for your tricks and sweet talk.”
Then followed more caustic comments.
@fightforyourfuture tweeted: “He has bn looting since he was a custom officer.
“U ‘ll not rule this country as d President.
“Nigerians ar suffering as a result of ur loots.”
@AFDowellmirin followed the comment up, saying: “If only you account for your source of wealth. It might pass out for motivational speech to entrepreneurs.”
@Ahmadyadil: “But u are still a public servant frm 1989 to 1992 sir,can you explain further.thank you.”
@salakwa1 tweeted: “Some are still celebrating corruption every where and web cannot even confront the ones closest to us. Give me facts to write then petition.”
@diekolabdul: “Good response @atiku please can tell us your occupation before joining NCS or any civil service at all?”
@adewoleade: “Atiku was a custom officer before how & where did he source money in founding dese companies he mention. so because he managed several companies he looted money to run he is competent enough to be president??”Theagleonline

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