True federalism! Restructuring can end agitations by ethnic militia groups – NANS

NATIONAL Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, Zone B, Thursday, told the federal government to commence the process of restructuring the country without further delay, so as to put to rest, various agitations by all ethnic militia groups.

It said: “There is no longer a better time to restructure Nigeria than now. There is already a consensus built around a restructured Nigeria as the only gateway to a prosperous Nigeria”

Threatening to begin massive mobilization of Nigerian Students and the general public to achieve the demand “in the days ahead”

NANS, in a statement by the zone’s Coordinator, Pedro Obi, noted that “a restructured Nigeria will no doubt encourage healthy competition, inclusive growth and development, as it was in 1960’s

“As the West was then synonymous with Cocoa, East with Palm Oil and North with Groundnut pyramids etc. This is in sharp contrast with today Nigeria, where the Federating units have turned idle, beggars in the current “Feeding Bottle Federalism” practiced in the country, that is alien to Federalism practice across the globe.

“A restructured Nigeria will automatically put to rest, the various agitations by all ethnic militia groups. NANS therefore demands for a restructured Nigeria with immediate effect to usher in True Federalism, where each Federating unit, either State or regions as the case maybe will develop at their own pace in unity.

“NANS calls on Federal Government to put machinery in motion to implement a restructured Nigeria, as days ahead, NANS will begin massive mobilization of Nigerian Students and the general public to achieve this demand.

Stressing the need for the Federal Government to continue to strengthen democratic institutions, aimed at promoting an egalitarian society, the statement condemned the delay in the signing of the country’s budget, months into the fiscal year.

It also condemned “the open declaration” of support by the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, to the quit notice order handed down to Ibo people by the Arewa Youth coalition. Describing the eviction notice as an aberration that portends a great danger to the unity of country, the statement said

“As elders, we do have expected them as fathers to seek for ways of resolving raging issues instead of adding more fuel to the already escalated fire”.Vanguard

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