Wahala! Father hangs eight-year-old for tearing divorce papers

An eight-year-old girl was rescued from death after her father hanged her with a rope for destroying his divorce papers.

The little girl, in a bid to stop her parents’ divorce, had torn the divorce papers, damaged household furniture and broke a bottle of alcohol.

The father, who claimed to have lost his temper, reacted with fury and tied her up with a rope around her neck and pulled her trousers down.

He then filmed her as she dangled helplessly from the ceiling and sent the footage to her mother.

Immediately she received the video, the girl’s mother alerted the police. The police acted swiftly and rescued the girl.

They took her to the hospital. The child has since had a check-up.

Police reports that she is receiving psychological counselling following the ordeal

Local authorities in Guangyuan City’s Jiange County, in south-western China Sichuan Province, have since arrested the dad.

The mum is expected to be given custody of the girl, while investigations continue into the dad’s actions, which could see him charged with child abuse and jailed for over a year.Punch

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