Yemi Alade responds to criticism that she supports political oppression in Togo



Yemi Alade says she has nothing to do with political situation going on in Togo

Yemi Alade has been called out by a Togolese activist, Farida Nabourema for her alleged role in perpetuating the political oppression of the people of Togo.

Farida Nabourema during an interview with Sahara Reporters, talked about how African celebrities unlike their counterparts from another part of the world, use their position to endorse political oppression from dictators.

This assertion was made due to the recent turn of events in theWest Africa country. Togo has been in turmoil for the last few months because its people are protesting against its president, Faure Gnassingbe, who has been in power since 2005, after the death of his father, Gnassingbe Eyadema, who ruled for 38 years.

Nabourema went on to say she used to love Yemi Alade until she listened to her singing in support of “one of the most brutal dictators in Togo because they paid her a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars,” she told Sahara Reporters.

She said she was so angry and mad at the Nigerian singer and would curse her if she ever gets to meet her. She described the singer as someone who is “feeding on the suffering of others.”

“They are embellishing the image of a brutal dictator just for a couple of thousands of dollars,” she continued.

The activist also called out famous footballer Emmanuel Adebayor, who endorsed Gnassingbe for the presidency in 2015. The Togolese people lost their respect for him after that, she said.

Pulse contacted Taiye Aliyu who is the manager to Yemi Alade to confirm what really transpired, he said  “It was like a normal show you go for in the country. It was a festival they normally do. It wasn’t a political thing at all. Yemi Alade just went there to perform.”

Yemi Alade’s hit single “Johnny“, which has gained over 70 million views  on YouTube is a continental hit. The song helped launch Yemi Alade’s music career in the continent and today she is one of its biggest stars

Presently, Yemi is a judge on the music talent show “The Voice Nigeria 2“. pulse

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